DIY shoe bow

We've done DIY Hair Bow Buns, DIY Clip On Bow Ties, Bow-Dacious Phone Cases and a Bow Ring but we can't stop there because we have feet that need bows! These DIY chiffon shoe bows are girly chic and really easy to add to any pair of heels you may have in your closet. Of course the color is up to interpretation, I chose black because I wanted to update this pair of shoes that I have and I think the black is a fun juxtaposition to the big floppy bow shape. So Bow-tiful! I have a Bowner!

Prep It:
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • chiffon fabric
  • clothes pin
  • shoes!
  1. cut the chiffon fabric into two long strips
  2. tie each piece of fabric into a bow and hold it up to your shoe - trim or adjust the size of the bow, if needed
  3. apply a dab of fabric glue on the knot of the bow and place it on the back of the shoe
  4. hold in place, let dry - tip: use a clothes pin to anchor the bow in place while the glue dries

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