DIY jewelry travel roll with I Spy DIY

I'm thrilled to have collaborated with Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY (a fantastic DIY blog that you all should know about) on a Travel Jewelry Roll! Jenni and I both wanted to create a stylish and functional way to pack and carry our jewelry without everything getting tangled and cluttered. I used to transport my Mr. Kate jewelry in pre-made rolls, similar to this (but not as pretty), that had tabs for necklaces and a padded tube to hold rings which, we recreated for this project using fabric! This roll can completely contain your necklaces, chain bracelets, earrings and rings inside the roll and bangles, cuffs and watches after you've tied up the roll! And this project is totally no-sew! Oh my bling, how I love an easy project with a jewelry theme!

Watch the video above for the making-of our beautiful jewelry rolls, and make your own using the supplies and step lists below! Don't forget to check out I Spy DIY too!

Prep It:
  • fabric - use a thick fabric like a thick cotton or canvas
  • scissors
  • twine or thin ribbon - for the interior tabs
  • 1/2" to 3/4" thick ribbon - to cover your raw edges
  • thick ribbon - for the outer tie
  • hot glue gun (with fabric glue sticks)
  • sticky back Velcro
  • lighter or matches (if using nylon twine)
  • your jewelry!

  1. Cut one rectangle from your fabric - we made ours about 2' x 1.5' with about 2 extra inches on both sides for hem allowance. This will be the outside of your roll.
  2. Cut a second rectangle about two inches smaller than your first rectangle - this will be the inside of your jewelry roll.
  3. Lay the smaller rectangle down on the larger rectangle, with the non-printed sides of the fabric facing each other. Hot glue the outer edge of the large rectangle down around the small rectangle, creating a hem but leaving one of the long edges not glued (yet) because this will be where you glue your tie tabs.
  4. Cut pieces of twine or thin ribbon for your jewelry tie tabs. The length and amount of ties is up to you, just make sure you can tie them in a bow or knot to secure the necklaces and chain bracelets. If using nylon cord (like we did) you can seal the ends by melting them with a flame *careful, it's fire!
  5. Glue your tabs along the top (un-hemmed) edge making sure the two ends of each tab are facing toward the interior of your rectangle. Leave room at the end for your ring holder.
  6. For the tube ring holder, cut another piece of fabric a little bit shorter than the shortest side of your rectangle and about 4" wide. Roll it and glue it to seal. *The size of your ring holder depends on the thickness of your fabric and the size of your rings - have a ring near-by to make sure it fits around the tube before you glue and trim if necessary.
  7. Attach the ring tube to the top (un-hemmed) edge, next to your tabs, with more glue.
  8. Glue down the last un-hemmed edge of your rectangle to cover the glued area of your tabs and ring tube.
  9. Cover the raw edge (leftover from the outer rectangle) with your 1/2" to 3/4" ribbon - I used the blue velvet ribbon and Jenni used white. Hot glue in place. Cover the un-glued end of the ring tube with more ribbon and glue.
  10. Glue a small square of velcro to the free end of the ring tube and the velcro mate to where it meets the base fabric. This will keep your rings from sliding off!
  11. Roll your rectangle up (start from the ring tube side) and flip it over. Glue a piece of thick ribbon to the outside of the roll (the length depends on how big of a bow you want) - this will be the tie to keep your roll sealed when it's all plump with jewels!
  12. Pack it up! Use the tabs to secure your necklaces, chain bracelets and earrings and the ring tube to contain all your rings. Roll it up and use the finished burrito to hold your bangles, cuffs and watches!

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