DIY star studs and stripes shorts

Happy (almost) 4th of July and salut your shorts! I'm celebrating by making, and wearing, these star studded and dyed-striped shorts. Check out my DIY Snazzy Summer Shorts Series for some more ideas on how to update a pair of shorts. There are a lot of DIY American Flag shorts out there so I did my own rendition with half studs and half spray-bottle-dyed stripes to get a faded look. Watch the video above for the full tutorial and my DIY Pledge of Allegiance.

Prep It:
  • old pair of shorts (or jeans cut into shorts - see how to here!)
  • star studs (we got ours from
  • butter knife - to push down studs
  • painter's tape
  • RIT liquid dye - we used the color Scarlet
  • small spray bottle
  • water

  1. Start with the back pocket and plan your layout for the studs
  2. Push studs into place and close the prongs on the underside of the fabric, using a butter knife
  3. Flip shorts over and add star studs along the front pocket
  4. Lay down rows of painter's tape to the other side of the front of the shorts to create stripes from the pocket down to the bottom of the shorts(make sure tape is fully pressed down so you don't have any gaps)
  5. Mask off any area you don't want dye with more tape and/or paper, etc.
  6. Add a small amount of dye to the spay bottle (the more dye, the deeper the color) and then add water to fill to the top. I used a small amount to get a faded look.
  7. Spray all over the painter's tape stripes and dab any excess with paper towel
  8. Once dry, take off tape and your shorts are ready to be saluted!

Happy July 4th! Shop the sale here!

Outfit Deets:

  • shorts: DIY
  • top: Forever 21
  • shoes: Zara
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate

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