DIY Macrame Tapestry Headboard

You can't deny the sense of completion that a headboard adds to a bedroom. It brings a room together and adds a design touch that makes the space so much more enjoyable and inviting to be in. You can, however, completely deny the often hefty price tag that comes with most store-bought headboards. Just because you want to live like a king doesn't mean you have to pay like one!

I introduced a few DIY headboard ideas earlier this year and now I'm back with a macrame one that, as the hotel-chic room its in shows you, doesn't have to necessarily mean you're going boho. This touch of texture and neutral color can work with many design styles! Check it out below.

Prep It:

Macrame Wall Hanging 1" width Dowel Handsaw (optional) Wood screws Drill

Do It!:

  1. Slide your macrame tapestry onto the dowel rod through the openings at the top. If your macrame does not have loops to hang it with, you can always grab some twine or string and tie the macrame to the rod yourself!
  2. If there is any excess rod length, saw it off!
  3. Make sure your macrame is hanging centered on the rod and hold the rod up to the ceiling over your bed. Mark the center point and two points near the sides for the screws.
  4. Use the drill to screw in three wood screws (excellent for this project because of their length), and secure the rod to the wall.

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