DIY Triangle Shelf

Someone alert angsty high school students: geometry is actually super cool!!

The minimalist, geometric look is all the rage right now in furniture and home decor, and despite its back-to-basics aesthetic, these pieces can come with confusingly high price tags. Well skip that trip to the store (or online shop ... wherever you stock up), and head instead to the hardware store to build on all on your own! I promise it's a perfectly approachable one person DIY (and you don't even need to be that good at math!)

Prep It:

1x3 wood Pencil Power saw (a hand saw is an alternative with a miter box!) Wood glue Staple/nail gun or wood nails and hammer

Do It!:

  1. Plan out how large you would like your shelf to be. Measure 3 equally long pieces for the main shape of the triangle.
  2. Using the chop saw, cut the three pieces (you can also use a hand saw and a miter box. Cut a 60 degree angle on both ends of each piece, going in opposite directions. The three pieces should fit together to form a functional triangle.
  3. Assemble the main triangle. Attach the pieces with a stripe of wood glue on the inner angle of each piece. Hold together and then use a nail gun (or hammer a wood nail) to fully secure.
  4. Measure the length of your triangle and find where you want your shelves to be. Measure how wide these shelves will need to be, then cut them with the chop saw (or hand saw and miter box). These shelves should have 30 degree angles on each side.
  5. Glue the shelves into the triangle and let dry.
  6. Once your full shelf form is complete and secure, hang on the wall and decorate with delicate accessories!

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