DIY nail polish splattered clutch

This nail-polish, splatter clutch was one of the DIY styling projects I did for the Macy's Prom events that I hosted recently. The events were all about unique and fun styling tips for dress-up and prom that included some DIYable elements as well. This DIY, inspired by the purse seen in The Carrie Diaries, is sooo easy: upcycle an old or blah purse with a splatter of nail polish! There are endless colors of nail polish available so you can use whatever color you like to add a splash, or shall I say splatter, of color to match your look, etc. This purse I got at the flea market for $1 and I used 2 different nail polish colors (coral and gold) from my existing collection to splatter it up a notch! So make like a drizzle and splatter…okay, I'll stop…here's the DIY!

Prep It:
  • nail polish
  • old purse or clutch
  • newspaper or paper in case you drizzle off the clutch
  1. put your purse on craft paper or newspaper (just in case you get a little crazy with the nail polish)
  2. open the nail polish and slowly drizzle over the purse
  3. for a splatter look, use the brush to gently splash drops of polish over the purse
  4. add another coat with a different color!
  5. let dry and have fun at the party!

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