DIY animal jar tops

I love this animal-centric project! Call me childish, call me cat-obsessed (I know, they've been all over the blog these days) but I love adding a playful element to interior design and this project totally achieves that! This project uses the little plastic animals you can find at toy or craft stores. I used zoo animals, cut in half and painted metallic gold to mount within a frame for wall art in the little girl's room design I did on Home Made Simple. For this project we used plastic domestic cats, glued to the tops of old olive and jam jars that I had lounging in my cabinet. Yes, I keep everything, including old jars, for just-in-case moments like this when you want to create cat jars! Call me a hoarder or call me a hoarder on a mission, well I guess most hoarders think they have plans for their stuff…but I'm a hoarder that actually follows through with those plans!…sometimes.

These jars are great to use anywhere you need some organizing. Use them in the kitchen for your dry goods, or in the bathroom for your cosmetics and cotton balls, etc. or try them in a kid's room for crayons and such or a craft's room for organizing your supplies. The animal and organization possibilities are endless!

Prep It:
  • white spray paint primer
  • spray paint in the color(s) of your choice
  • matte finish spray paint - optional if you want a matte look like we did, you could just go with glossy, satin or flat spray paint
  • glass jars with flat lids - I had a variety of old olive, jam and sauerkraut jars
  • mini plastic cats or whatever animal you like! (we found ours at the craft store)
  • Glass, Metal and More glue or another strong glue that will adhere plastic to metal
Do It!:
  1. soak the jars in a bowl with warm water and dish soap until the labels start to fall off - use your fingernails to scrape off any remaining glue and paper
  2. outside, spray paint the jar tops and the cats with white primer (one coat should cover it, but feel free to do a second if it's not fully white) - make sure to get under their chins and tails!
  3. wait for the primer to dry, then spray paint the jar top and the cat you want to pair together the same color (2 coats should do it)
  4. once dry, spray the matte top coat
  5. add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the cat, and firmly press it onto the top of the jar lid. repeat with all your cats and lids and let dry for an hour or two.
  6. fill your jars with whatever you want!

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