DIY Copper Pipe Necklace Holder

Necklaces are essentially decor for your body, so why should their moment to shine end when you take off your jewelry for the night? With this minimalist, yet feminine wood and copper pipe necklace display, you can show off your gems in an organized and dazzling way. Plus, you can have fun layering and placing necklaces on the copper pipe just like you would on your body!

Prep It:

Copper pipe 2.5 x 2.5" wood piece (or precut here) Chop saw Pipe cutter Drill (and various sized drill bits) Sandpaper Paint Wall hanging kit

Do It!:

  1. Decide how big you'd like your block and how long you'd like your copper pipe to be. For ours, the block was a 2.5" cube, and the pipe was about a foot long.
  2. Unless you're using a precut piece of wood, use the chop saw to cut down the wood to your desired size. Use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe to your desired length. Just place the pipe inside the cutter, then tighten and turn it until you’ve made a clean slice.
  3. Compare the size of your copper pipe to your drill bits and use a bit one size larger than your copper pipe. Place the wood block on a surface you can drill into like a spare piece of wood, mark the center of one side, and drill straight through!
  4. Push your pipe through the hole to make sure it fits. If it doesn't, drill through the same hole with a slightly larger drill bit.
  5. Once you know your pipe fits, take it out and set aside while you sand and then paint your wood block.
  6. Attach your wall mounting hardware to the back of the block, push the pipe back through, and hang your new necklace display on the wall!

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