DIY Confetti Curtains

I'm no stranger to painting curtains – in fact, that project was one of my favorites from my book A Hot Glue Gun Mess! (See the DIY here!) I am also no stranger to confetti, as anyone who has seen, purchased, or worn my Confetti BeautyMarks knows! So, when I had to DIY these curtains to fit a creative, quirky, whimsical room, I was able to pull from the perfect past experiences to bring the party to these panels.

Prep It!:

Curtains (if you don't already have them!) Stencil sheets X-acto knife Fabric paint Foam stipple brushes

Do It!:

  1. Cut out confetti shapes from the stencil sheet. Look to the Confetti BeautyMarks for some inspiration for shape and layout of the confetti pieces! Cut out multiple pieces per sheet. This will make the painting process much easier!
  2. Pour out different color fabric paints and use the foam brushes to paint over the stencils, creating confetti shapes on your curtains! Lay your curtains out flat for the best application.
  3. We created an ombre effect for the confetti, gathering it mostly at the bottom of the curtains, then having it disperse up. But your confetti layout is up to you!
  4. When you are done painting the confetti onto the curtains, let the fully dry before hanging them up!

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