DIY sports pennants


Lots of Dads love sports. Some of my fondest childhood memories with my Dad was when he took me to baseball games...even though I always sucked at sports. Of course it's essential to root for your team so if you're into a DIY gift idea, try making one of these DIY Sports Pennants with your dad's favorite team colors or logo!

If you'd rather shop than DIY, check out my Father's Day Gift Guide!

pennants-copy_cb Prep It: (these are the supplies for 1 pennant!)
  • four pieces of stiff felt (2 of each color)
  • a printed out logo of the sports team of your choosing - search on Google images and print to your desired size
  • a long wooden dowel
  • a glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • a marker












Do It!:

  1. Trace a large triangle shape (use a ruler if needed for a straight line) on two pieces of felt and cut them out - see the two white triangles above.
  2. With the second color fold the end of it to sandwich (the blue color above) your triangles and trace the line of the triangle out along the second color so it mimics the line of the first two triangles - Cut it out. This will be the piece in which you will glue your wood dowel - kind of like the binding on a book.
  3. Cut out your printed sports logo from the paper and trace it on the accent color felt, twice (one for each side of the pennant). Cut out your logos.
  4. Hot glue the two triangles together.
  5. Line your wood dowel up with your triangle edges and hot glue it down - on the inside of your outer binding piece of felt - see photo above.
  6. Hot glue your extended accent color piece to hide the craft pole and secure your flag
  7. Glue your logos to both sides of your finished pennant.
  8. Wave it at the game and hope your team wins!



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