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Traveling is fun! And very important, I think, to get to know our planet and how different people inhabit it around the world. I love globes and got this one a couple years ago at The Goodwill - see more DIY ideas in Decorating with: Globes. I was getting sick of the colors so I thought a fresh coat of white paint with pencil-drawn countries would look rad. I also thought it'd be cute to go a step farther and use a stamp pad to put fingerprints on the locations where Joey and I have traveled... he has me beat because of all his touring with The Click Five. We started with a layered (heart) thumbprint over Utah, which was where we first met!

I love the minimal look with the personal touch! What do you think? Where is your favorite travel spot? If you do this project I'd love to see a pic! Post it @mrkatedotcom and #mrkate! xx

thumbprintglobe-3 Prep It:














Do It!:

  1. Remove your globe from it's base or if you can't take it apart, use the painter's tape to protect the base and frame.
  2. Paint your globe and let dry.
  3. Before using the charcoal pencil, use your pencil with eraser to lightly draw your continent outlines on your globe. This pencil allows for mistakes because you can erase. Tip: Many globes have raised areas for mountain ranges which makes it easier to identify where to draw the continents - take a photo of the globe on all sides before you paint to help you draw your outlines.
  4. Go over your pencil outlines with the darker charcoal pencil for a more smudged, vintage look. Tip: use your finger to slightly smudge the lines more if you like a more blended line.
  5. Spray sealant over the entire globe to seal the charcoal from smearing.
  6. Thumb print where you've been and let your inner travel bug free to prepare your next trip and next print!


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