DIY flower twinkle lights

My obsession with faux flowers is growing. I love the idea of taking these things, that are normally associated with Granny Chic - maybe a dusty bouquet in a basket near a window with lace curtains, etc. - and making them into funky style (Black Rose headband) or home decor statements. Yes, it's just about Summer, but don't retire those December holiday lights, instead get you to the crafts store for some faux flowers and make a romantic strand of flower twinkle lights! I styled the strand around my headboard and vanity but you could use it anywhere - a bunch of them outside for a summer wedding or party would be faaaaab too!

Prep It:
  • strand of white twinkle lights - preferably with a white cord
  • hot glue gun
  • bunch of silk/faux flowers – from the craft store - in the color of your choice
  • faux leafs - usually come with the flowers
  • white spray paint (not pictured) - optional if you want leaves on your strand too
  1. Pull or cut the flowers off the plastic stems
  2. Cut the leafs off the plastic stems
  3. Spray paint the leafs white outside on a piece of newspaper of cardboard - optional step if you don't want leaves
  4. Apply hot glue on the bottom of each flower and attach them to the strand of lights - we did a random placement so it would look more organic
  5. Apply hot glue on the stem of each leaf, place it between the flowers on the strand of lights
  6. Hang it!

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