DIY traveling vanity and cosmetics case

Nine years ago, I bought a vintage suitcase that was retro-fitted with a mirror on the inside of the lid. I use it all the time in videos - see it in this Colorful Side Braid video and the recent Braided Sock Bun video - but it's large and not practically portable. So, inspired by the idea of a vintage suitcase that also serves as a traveling vanity, we found this small hard-case, mini suitcase at the flea market for $10 and made it into a traveling vanity/cosmetic/make-up case, complete with large mirror and storage elastics, to take everywhere for your beauty needs! Prep It:
  • vintage suitcase or old hard case suitcase you have around
  • scrap leather or cloth
  • E-6000 glue
  • Glass, Metal, and More permanent glue
  • elastic band
  • scissors
  • chalk or pen

  1. assess the interior of your suitcase and decide where to put the mirror and where to create a smooth surface to adhere the mirror - gently rip out inner layer, if needed, to create a smooth surface.
  2. use chalk or marker to outline scrap leather or cloth and cut out the shape
  3. apply E-6000 to scrap leather or cloth and cover any raw areas of the interior of the case - let dry
  4. apply glass, metal, and more glue to back of mirror and press and hold mirror where you want it to stick and let it dry
  5. cut piece(s) of elastic band to size for the interior of your case and glue down with E-6000 using your fingers as a spacer - keep in mind the amount of room you want to be able to fit all your cosmetics. **If your suitcase opens horizontally and you don't need the elastics to keep things in place, try using dividers or pouches to keep your cosmetics safe and organized.
  6. insert makeup and brushes into place and your case is ready to travel the world!

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