holier than thou

basically a jeans and t-shirt outfit but if you look closely the t-shirt has little holes...was it a mouse? a moth? freddy krueger? or maybe just me, with my manicure scissors and a penchant for making things look a little off and worn-in. yup, the latter. the tee is one of my fave soft, white, well-loved friends which got some weird stain on the back, a tussle with a frappacino perhaps?...well what better way to disquise and distract than some haphazerdly cut holes!? this leads me to...

DIY: holier than thou tee:

you'll need: a fave t-shirt and some small manicure scissors

you'll need to do: pinch a tiny section of the t-shirt into a little puckered spot (see the 4th photo from the top). then snip the tip of the pucker off. keep it small! you can always make the holes bigger and they tend to stretch and fray more with wear. to get the ratty fraying look in-between the holes to connect them, run the sharp tip of the scissor along the threads of the t-shirt to fray them slightly but not so much to make an even slice. i also snipped off little length-wise pieces along the hem and neckline to make it a bit more ragged on the edges. but keep the seams of the hem in place, otherwise you will get that curling effect which looks more purposeful than well-loved wear and tear.

- j brand jeans, DIY ripped tee, topshop shoes, all Mr. Kate jewelry (blob ring, cereal rings, various cuffs) except vintage native american turquoise bracelet -

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