How to Disguise a Mirrored Closet


Apartment dwellers, rejoice!

Mirrored closets are a pretty standard feature in many rented homes, which can be a joy if you need a spot for your daily OOTD shots, but can be a pain if floor to ceiling reflective panels just aren't your thing. Since many tenants or even homeowners either can't install new doors instead (that could be a pricey renovation depending on the size of your closet!), you're forced to either deal with them, keep them open at all times, or try to disguise their metallic sheen.

Luckily, when decorating Eva's bedroom, complete with a big set of mirror closet doors, I stumbled across a website Room Dividers Now, that allows you to order custom curtains and curtain rods for exactly the height and width you need! Intended to be room dividers, these curtains provide a mirrored closet solution that disguise the doors without calling extra attention to the area instead.

A pro tip when ordering these curtains is to allow yourself about two feet extra in width, so when they're not taught when pulled fully across the closet but are flush and flowing, which is much more design-friendly.

Voila! Who knew a closet door renovation could be so easy?!

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