styling: black boots

Heather asks: "Hey Mr.Kate, I was wondering how to style some plain black boots, with my school uniform. I don't want it to be too boring, any tips? My schools not strict so any advice would help thanks :) x" My Answer: Hi Heather! I know, school uniforms can be so annoying but sometimes having limits can make you even more creative. I styled my latest fav pair of black boots (a shiny, pointed toe pair from Zara) with fun socks and a necklace to add pizazz - see the pics below. Also, one of my favorite DIY ways to spruce up a pair of boots is the DIY Boho Belted Boots I did, which you can easily do to a simple pair of black boots. Also see Styling: Socks with Sandals for some more fun sock inspiration that you can easily wear with boots too - I love funky socks! I hope this helps and remember to think beyond the boot!
  • Ruffle socks can dress up a pair of plain black boots with a fun, girly twist. I like to shop at American Apparel for ruffle socks in all kinds of colors.
  • Add a necklace! An easy way to spruce up a pair of plain boots is to add a necklace as an ankle accessory. Here I doubled the Mr. Kate Decay matinee necklace twice around the ankle of one boot. It has kind of a Western flair, plus it makes a fun noise when you walk!

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