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Kristine Asks: Hi Mr. Kate...from Argentina!!! I'm getting married this summer and I got this kind of vintage 60's white dress and I was wondering if you've got any ideas for how to achieve a bohemian look for my wedding? Love you Mr. Kate!! My Answer: Hi Kristine! Congratulations! Summer is peak wedding season and we've been getting questions from some of you for design and style tips for weddings and the bohemian style in particular!. Bohemian is one of my favorites for both style and decor. It can mean a variety of different things, but to me it means: a carefree and feminine style inspired by nature with vintage and global influences. I helped design my friend's wedding a few years ago which had some bohemian elements - see some photos in the Colorful Country Nuptials post. For today's post, we gathered some of our favorite style and decor elements for a boho wedding (or for other parties and events) so that you can piece together your own, perfect, bohemian festivities.

  • For a bohemian wedding style, accessories are key. Don't judge, just layer can be your motto! Try layering the necklaces, bracelets and top off the look with a headpieces - either metal or floral. See more photos from the lookbook for my Days Of Ore collection - I styled the layers of jewelry in a very bohemian way by mixing the metals, etc.. Play with the lengths of your necklaces, try a couple long chain necklaces mixed with some shorter ones - see this video I did a while back on How To Layer Jewelry.
  • Feathers are very indicative of a carefree bohemian style. Feathers can go anywhere such as hanging from the ceiling - you can make your own DIY Paper Feather Chain, - or use them in table settings, or in boutonniers for the dudes -DIY here.
  • Old suitcases add a vintage touch. Also textures like burlap, chalkboard and twine are all organic looking elements that lend themselves to the bohemian style.
  • Lace! Lace is essentially bohemian. A lace dress, veil, sash, headband, tablecloth, tent, you name it - if it's lace, it will feel vintage, feminine and boho chic!

Enjoy your summer weddings! And remember, it's so bohemian to just let loose and have FUN! xo!

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