DIY Cactus Coffee Cups


Want a sip of this cactus cappuccino?!

Okay, this decor might be a little too heavy on the prickers to be the perfect morning pick-me-up, but that doesn't mean that it isn't just the spark of energy and creativity that your home needs!

I whipped up these little succulent set-ups for a recent (surprise!) room makeover, and they added the perfect cozy yet exotic touch to the globally-themed decor.

Check out how to brew up a little DIY cup of greens below!

Prep It:

Mugs Potting soil Succulents or small cacti White terrarium stones 2 forks


Do It!:

  1. Pour stones in the bottom of the mug for drainage. You don't want too many in there so the plant doesn't fit, so pour until the bottom is a little more than covered.
  2. Add some potting soil on top of the rocks. It's good to add your own soil when repotting plants and not depend on the dirt it is packed in, which can be dry!
  3. Now it's time for your little plant! If the greens are of the prickly variety, I recommend using two forks or some kitchen tongs to remove it from its plastic pot and place it into its new ceramic home. If you're working with a non-harmful succulent and don't mind getting your fingers dirty, you can do this step with your hands!
  4. Top your mug planter with a little more soil, if needed, and stones to cover up visible soil!

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