DIY Statement Walls for Every Style

Walls ... you can't live without them, you can't live within them if they're plain white without losing your damn mind!!

Sometimes the solution for a big white wall is some gallery art, like you can see in Natalie's perfectly lovely living room. But do you know what blank spaces are also really great for? Making a statement!

I've collected some of my favorite statement walls from rooms I've helped design, and while there are enough options to suit almost any taste or style, there is one constant throughout — creativity favors the bold! Don't be afraid to make your design statement loud or colorful or patterned ... or all three!

If you like florals, but can't paint ...


... try this DIY Flower Wall!

Not all apartments or rentals will permit you to paint your pristinely white walls ... but that doesn't mean you can't still have some floral fun! This tutorial has a range of applications — hot glue, tape, both — which will all give you the same effect with varying degrees of permanency. Considering the bountiful selection of faux flowers in most craft stores, you can use this DIY to create a garden that gives your room exactly the whimsical, ethereal touch it needs!

Get this DIY tutorial here!

If you like florals and can paint ...


... try this DIY Floral Wall Mural!

Who needs wallpaper when you have paint, a brush, and your own creative brain, just waiting for the opportunity to give that boring wall some beautiful life?! If you need inspiration for the flowers and plants to paint for this tutorial, might I suggest checking out the Bloom BeautyMarks? An amazing Instagrammer used the designs for inspiration for her wall mural and I'm completely obsessed!

Get this DIY tutorial here!

If you like geometrics but can't paint ...


... try this DIY String Art Wall Mural

Shapes, angles, texture, color ... this tutorial really has it all! All you need to do is hammer some nails (or you could use small, clear Command hooks if you don't want to make any holes!) in your wall, grab some yarn in a few different colors, and go crazy! What's cool about this technique is that you can really create any effect you wanted to — ombre, stripes, shapes ... there are so many possibilities, but they all bring so much interest to a basic wall!

Get this DIY tutorial here!

If you like geometrics and can paint ...


... try this DIY Large Scale Wall Stencil!

The pattern for this stencil can be downloaded and printed so you can have the same exact look in your room! I used a paint with the same color, just a slightly shinier finish so the final effect of this stencil would look sophisticated and sleek like a wallpaper, but choosing a dark or even bright color for the pattern could bring some capital B Bold to your room!

Get this DIY tutorial here!

If you like negative space ...


... try this Bold Patterned Circles Wall!

This statement wall technique also uses a stencil, but in a much different way! Tracing, then painting circles across a white wall in a bold, accenting color creates a design that is beautiful in its unpredictability. Looking at your DIY wall will be like cloud watching — what new shapes and stories can you find in the abstract art you created?

Get this tutorial here!

If you like no negative space ...


... try this DIY Watercolor Mural!

There was no white space left behind in this explosion of color and creativity! I mixed wall paints with glazes to create a consistency similar to watercolor paints, which gave this most statement-making of walls its signature straight-from-the-sketchbook look! There's no DIY that banishes boring from a home better than this one right here!

Get this DIY tutorial here!

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