DIY Thanksgiving/fall selfie wall

We are obsessed with #selfies at the Mr. Kate offices. And, why not celebrate self love!? As long as it's to boost your self esteem in the aims to make yourself a better participant in the world and love the person you are in your interaction with others, I say #whynot #selfie? So, in honor of selfies, we've created a Fall selfie wall which consists of autumn-hued, glitter panels that I mounted on the wall for our collective social media, self explorative documentation. This is our Fall Selfie Wall which means we plan to have Winter Selfie Wall and beyond…wait for dem snow flake #selfies!

If you can't find pre-glittered card stock, see the DIY Glitter Art and you can make your own!

Prep it: DO IT!:
  1. put mounting tape on each corner of the card stock (on the non- glitter side)
  2. place it on the wall at a hight that will work for your selfie poses and in an area with good lighting
  3. do the same with the next piece of card stock, and place it as close to first piece as you can, creating a grid
  4. continue until your wall is filled
  5. take selfies!

The #selfies...

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