DIY Plan-It Chalkboard Mural Wall


There is no greater feeling than when a DIY can be beautiful, useful, and a killer pun. By those qualifications, this DIY Plan It Wall is a triple threat if there ever was one!

Painted in chalkboard wall paint, this mural wall brings incredible function into the Cous Cous Room (the Creative Cocoon) of the Mr. Kate Office, providing a place the content team can write out ideas, post essential information, and use as a big, celestial sketchpad!

P.S. If you need inspiration for the moons and planets to draw, try the Cosmic BeautyMarks!


Prep It:

Chalkboard wall paint White chalky finish wall paint White chalk Chalkboard marker Paintbrush Cosmic BeautyMarks


Do It!:

  1. Paint your wall with the chalkboard paint. Depending on the surface you're working with, use at least 2 coats.
  2. When the painted wall is dry, use chalk to season the wall — AKA rubbing the chalk on the wall using the side of a stick of chalk so you're getting broad wide strokes, then erasing it. This gets the first layer of chalk on the wall so the first things you write will erase fully and not be seen forever!
  3. Before painting the mural onto the wall, plan it out on a piece of paper. Draw in any features of the room that you're painting around (like a doorframe or vents), so you can plan how the designs will work around them.
  4. Paint the moons, stars, planets, galaxies and any other celestial creations you've dreamt up onto the wall!
  5. Use the chalkboard marker to accomplish any small details of the illustrations if you like (I liked the more organic, brushstroke effect!) and to write out any text you want on the wall permanently!
officegoals_couscousroom-7planitwall_couscous_edit-1 officegoals_couscousroom-28

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