DIY Plexiglass Dry Erase Board


One of the tricks of decorating an office — heck, decorating any space — is finding the creative solutions that fulfill both the functional needs of the people who use the space and the aesthetic of the design.

So, when our video editing team asked for a white board in the Cous Cous (which stands for Creative Cocoon) Room, I could hardly deny them the chance to get organized, yet I agonized over the idea of putting such an unappealing installment in our so-called *dream space.*

So, meet the plexiglass or acrylic board! Hooked onto the wall with beautiful brass standoffs and serving all the same needs as the traditional whiteboard, it was the perfect subtle, sophisticated element to bring into any office. Plexiglass perfection!


Prep It:

Plexiglass sheet, 1/2 x 36 x 72" Drill bit for plastic Power drill Standoffs Dry erase markers


Do It!:

  1. Measure and mark where you want to place your standoffs on the board. We decided to do 6, so that the middle of the board was supported, but if you have a smaller (or more square) piece of plexiglass, 4 should do the trick!
  2. Using a drill bit meant for plastic, drill holes in the plexiglass where you marked.
  3. Now it's time to get this up on the wall! Recruit some friends and hold the plexiglass board up to the wall, planning where you want it placed and using a level to make sure it's straight. When you've got it just so, mark through the holes onto the wall, so you know where to drill for your standoffs.
  4. Drill and mount the standoffs where you marked the holes, keeping the top pieces separate!
  5. Lastly, attach the plexiglass board to the wall by attaching the tops of the standoffs through the holes in the board! Then whip out some dry erase markers and make the board your own!

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