OOTD: hair charmsies

I have been obsessed with these things lately, these things called Charmsies which I originally heard about from my friend Kathy Rose who owns and designs Roseark jewelry (amaaazing stuff and also carries Mr. Kate!). They were started by this lady named Kiara Bailey whom I recently met at a party and grilled her about her inspiration beyond these delightful, blingy things! She is a professional hair stylist and said she loved all the charms they had for cell phones and wanted them for her hair, thus, she invented this way to iron tiny gold, rhinestone, etc. charmsies into your hair! Looooove!!!

I also cut the hem off my $10 H&M dress because #whynot and put together a color blocked look for a mod twist on the hair Charmsies. Other colorblocking outfits see Colorblocked photoshoot fun, Wackadoo, OOTD: neon ninja.

Prep it:
  • hair charmsies - shop them for $12 per package at Roseark
  • hair brush
  • straightening iron

  1. grab a lock of hair and brush out the tangles
  2. peel the white backing off the clear sheet with the charmsies and place the clear sheet on your lock of hair
  3. use the straightener to press the clear sheet onto the hair, make sure you don't hold for too long, just a couple seconds as you go down the length of your hair
  4. slowly pull the plastic sheet off - I found it worked best starting at the top and peeling down

For other DIYable hair accessories see DIY pom pom ponytail accessory and DIY floral headpiece

Outfit Deets:

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