Steampunk Dresser IKEA Hack

Just like a room can go from empty and bland to beautiful and filled with personality, so too can a piece of furniture! We purchased this unfinished IKEA dresser to give Slayzy's Lair some much-needed storage, but when we gave her room an Office Goals navy blue magic makeover, we had to do the same for this piece! I went for a steampunk, industrial chic look by painting it a dark color and adding brass accents.

Just like the sideboard in the Boffice, this DIY just goes to show how much you can change a piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint and some fine tuning!

Check out the tutorial above and the step-by-step instructions below!

Prep It:

Unfinished wooden cabinet Paint - I chose a flat finish for a matte look Pad painter Cup handles L-shaped flat brackets Drill

Do It!:

  1. Remove the drawers from the cabinet and paint the top, front, and sides of the cabinet and front piece of the drawers with a pad painter. To get a nice, smooth finish, paint with the grain of the wood. I used a foam painting pad and flat finish paint.
  2. Let the paint dry and decide the positioning of the cup handles on your drawers. Our drawers came with pre-drilled holes for handles, so I wanted to cover those by centering the cup handles over the hole. Measure where you need to drill (or use the handles to make tiny dents), and drill two holes for your handle.
  3. Attach your handle! Note - I had to drill slightly bigger holes so the protruding screw part on the back of the handle fit into the wood.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the rest of the handles. Use a level or just keep stepping back to make sure they look even and straight.
  5. Position the L-shaped brackets in the corners of the drawers and use flat-topped screws to adhere them to the wood! I like to pre-drill small holes to make it easier to screw in the small screws.
  6. Fill your cabinet back up with the drawers, and enjoy your transformed steampunk piece!

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