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Mr. Kate Advent Calendar Day 7: A Beautiful DIY Gift!

In the White BeautyMarks' short shelf life thus far, we've shown them to you on faces, hands and necks. Today, we're taking it one step further — cutting boards. These kitchen must-haves are truly the most ironic things. They have two distinctly opposite purposes — to either get messy and scraped up while providing a surface for you to slice and dice your delicious food, or to be placed strategically and sit around looking pretty. This DIY is intended for the second purpose, but if you want to use the final piece to prep your Saturday night stir-fry, I won't judge!

With gifting season upon us, these DIY designed cutting board would also make spectacular presents. The friend or loved one you'll give it to will adore that it was personalized by you, and the neutral shades of the wood and white guarantee that it will fit in with any decor style perfectly.

If you need inspiration for your design, check out the many ways the BeautyMarks were styled in the lookbook, or in my OOTD. If you're craving more inspiration, look up #BeautyMarks on Instagram to see what some other creative minds have done with their packs!

MRKATE_CuttingBoard_Blog (1 of 29)Prep It:

Cutting Boards (Try ones with creative shapes!) White BeautyMarks Cotton Balls

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MRKATE_CuttingBoard_Blog (14 of 29)MRKATE_CuttingBoard_Blog (20 of 29)Do It!:

  1. Consider the shape of your cutting board and pick out the BeautyMarks you'd like to use. Square or rectangular shapes look good with the lines and triangles, while boards with rounded edges are complimented by the circular shapes of the snowflakes. Once you've picked out the pieces you'd like to use, cut them out and discard the clear backing.
  2. Carefully place the BeautyMarks onto the cutting board in their desired locations. Wet the cotton ball and apply to the back of the BeautyMark for 30 seconds. When done, carefully remove and peel off the backing of the BeautyMark to make sure it stuck!
  3. If you want to place more than one design in the same area, make sure to completely dry the previous one. If the first piece isn't dry when you apply the second, it might slip or get smudged, since wood is a much more slippery surface than skin!
  4. Continue decorating up a (snow) storm, and behold your beautiful new cutting boards!
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