DIY Black and White Beauty Photography

Guess what? You, my friend, are a photographer.

If you have a camera, a cell phone with a camera, or even a friend with a camera, and a little bit of spare time to get creative, you can capture unique and artistic portraits to display in your home.

Since Tati (AKA Glam Life Guru) is a beauty maven, I took photos for her updated beauty studio lair of items frequently used in her repertoire: brushes, spray bottles, nail polish, etc. Printed in black and white and framed in matching gold frames, these quick snapshots translated into impactful and impressive pieces of glam art.

Prep It:

Various beauty items of your choice (vintage perfume bottles, hand mirrors, nail polish, hand cream) Camera (I used the Canon 5D Mark III) Photo-editing program (I recommend Photoshop, Lightroom, or VSCO!) Frames Large roll of white paper

Do It!:

  1. Arrange your bottles and beauty items on a roll of paper and experiment with different angles and layouts to capture them best! Try to avoid showing any branding, and photograph them in a variety of close-up and overhead shots to see what looks best!
  2. For a nail polish picture, take the cap off the bottle and spill some of the polish onto a white piece of paper, moving the bottle as you go (so you get more of a splatter and less of a pool.) Place the brush and bottle next to the spill and take your pic! For the hand cream picture, empty some of the lotion onto your fingers and smear it onto a black piece of paper in a few quick strokes. Thicker hand creams are much better for this photo! Anything too thin will just melt into the black paper and not show up in your photo.
  3. Once you've taken all your photos, select your favorites and edit them on a photo-editing program like Photoshop, Lightroom, or VSCO. I added a grainy texture to mine for a vintage feel! You can edit them into black and white here, or just print them in black and white.
  4. Get the photos printed at a print shop or from an online printing business, frame them, and hang them in a gallery wall formation for all to enjoy!

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