DIY Brush Stroke Inspired/ Polka Dot Wall

Who doesn't love a statement wall?

History (and pretty much the entire series of OMG We're Coming Over), has shown that I certainly do. What I love best about these features is that they give you a chance to bring some unexpected energy into a space, and often, in DIY format.

I'm a firm believer that you really don't need art school-level painting skills to make great masterpieces, and this polka dot wall is a prime example of that! For all you beauty lovers out there, this is the perfect project to pay homage to the tools of your trade (makeup brushes), while getting a so-cute-it-could-be-wallpaper effect. Check out the steps below and see it in action in our OMG We're Coming Over makeover for Tati/ Glam Life Guru!

Prep It:

A variety of large paintbrushes (I used ones that looked like bigger versions of makeup brushes like foundation brushes or fan brushes!) Gray wall paint

Do It!:

  1. Test out your different brush strokes in a sketchbook. Variety is key to this look, so make sure your brushes all make distinctly different marks — otherwise your wall will just look like freehand polka dots (which is cute, too, but not what this tutorial is for!)
  2. Working from one side of the wall to the other (I worked from the bottom up), start creating your brushstroke pattern! A few tips here: the randomness of the strokes is part of what makes this design so cute, so try to stay away from any type of a grid when dotting! Also, make sure to have your sketchbook or some spare paper handy in case you over dip your brush into the paint to dab it off so you don't end up with drips down your dots!
  3. You can start with one brush and dot the entire wall and then go back again with each different type of brush, but I preferred to use them all and just work from bottom to top once. Sometimes you'll just see a gap and know it is the perfect size for a certain kind of dot!
  4. When you're all done, stand back and see if there are any large or obvious white spaces that could be filled with another dot or two! But note — negative space is your friend! Too many dots will cramp the airy and fresh feeling of the wall. Let your brushstrokes dry and enjoy your whimsical, glam wall!

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