DIY Bunny Sneakers

Though bunnies themselves never go out of style (Hugh Hefner (ew) made sure of that), in the early spring, the anticipation of Easter makes these infamously-earred animals all the rage around town. And while some prefer to wear their bunny tributes on their heads, in the form of pastel headbands with large satin ears, I decided to wear my funny bunnies somewhere a little more interesting.

These sneakers are the ultimate combination of cheeky and cute. The black hightop shoe assured that even in the presence of big white ears and a Peter Rabbit-worthy tail, the final look was funky and not too frilly. Check out the video above for the tutorial, and check out all the steps below! Well, what are you waiting for ... hop to it!

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Prep It:

Sneakers Canvas Batting Scissors Thread Needle Pompoms (DIY your own with this tutorial!) Wire Wire cutters

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Do It!:

  1. Start by cutting your canvas (or whatever fabric you want to make your ears out of) into 8 identical bunny ear shapes. Make sure to consider the size of the shoe when cutting, so the ears don't end up too big or too small. You want them juuuuuust right!
  2. Using the thread and scissors, or a sewing machine, sew the ears together, two pieces at a time. Sew slightly inside the hems, because you will turn the ears inside out when you're done to hide the stitching.
  3. Now, take a long piece of pliable, but study wire and bend into two bunny ear shapes, slightly smaller than the fabric ears. Leave a little extra wire in-between the ear shapes, and bend into a slight V. This will go through your sneakers' tongue loop, to secure the ears to the shoe! Depending on the size of the ears (and whether the wire shape will fit through the tongue loop), it may be easier to put the wire through first, before making the shape.
  4. After adding to wire ears to the sneakers, trim and secure any extra wire by wrapping the tails around the V-shape tightly.
  5. Now back to those ears! Cut batting into a ear shape and stuff into the canvas, making those ears nice and fluffy. Slide the stuff ears over the wire frames on the shoes, and use a needle and thread to sew the bottom of the ear shut around the wire.
  6. Last but never least, take the pompoms and sew them onto the back of the sneaker. If you have a hard time sewing the poms, hot glue will also work, but sewing would be much more secure.
  7. Finished! Now it's time to hop around town in your new, incredibly cute kicks!
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