DIY cat print pants

At this point, you probably know I love cats and cat print…but the real point is, you don't have to use cats for this DIY; chose whatever animal or thing you like! I had some stains on this pair of skinny jeans, so the DIY cat face that I drew for the transfers was the perfect, fun way to cover them. This is a great upcycle project to use on any tired article of clothing you have in your closet. If you can't get enough of cat print, like me, see Styling: cat on cat on cat print for some tips on how to go cat crazy!

Other fun DIY ideas for pants (or shorts): DIY leopard print or DIY studded shorts.

Prep It:
  • iron
  • pants or piece of clothing of your choice
  • scissors
  • iron on transfer paper like this or get it at the crafts store
  • computer and printer

  1. draw a picture of an animal and scan it into your computer or find a shape you like online - turn it black and white, if it's not already - see more detailed info on this step in the DIY Lip Print Backpack
  2. print out your image(s) on the iron-on transfer paper
  3. cut out the individual shapes (cats) and iron them on the pants with the cat facing the fabric and the white part of the paper touching the iron – follow the detailed instructions on the package but it’s easy! tip: I found that you have to hold the iron on longer than the package states. test if the transfer has set by peeling back a little corner. some of my cat faces came out more dull than others but I liked the look.
  4. wear them!

Outfit Deets:

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