DIY colorful dining chairs

I love the look of mis-matched dining chairs and this beach-adjacent house was the perfect place to implement the look. I teamed up with Cabot Premium Wood Finish to make this video and used 4 of their colorful wood finishes along with some other interior design accessories, to create an eclectic, beachy and stylish space. The benefit of the finish instead of paint is that it shows the wood grain still and has a built-in sealer so you don't have to do an additional poly coat, etc. I love how it turned out! Watch the video above for all the details and to see the before and after.

You can upcycle any kitchen/dining chairs by alternating colors for a simple yet eclectic vibe! Use unfinished wood chairs from sites like Wayfair or just use your own or thrifted chairs that you sand first before you apply the finish. Other chair DIYs: DIY trash to treasure statement chair and DIY spruce up chairs with burlap.

The dining room BEFORE.


Prep It:
  • plastic tarp
  • bare/unfinished chair(s) or chairs that you've sanded down to take off whatever previous paint or stain
  • paintbrush
  • sandpaper (very fine or 300+ grit)
  • Cabot Premium Wood Finish in multiple colors (I used Frosted Lilac, Koala, Mosaic Blue and Gulfstream)
  • rag
  1. start with bare wood chairs of, if your chairs already have paint or stain on them, make sure to sand down all the old paint before beginning.
  2. using a paint brush, apply Cabot Wood Finish with smooth, even strokes with the grain of the wood
  3. let the first coat dry for 2 hours
  4. once dry, sand it down lightly to prepare it for a second coat - this is just to create a very smooth finish and remove any dust particles that settled when the first coat was drying
  5. apply second coat to intensify the color (optional if you like how it looks after only one coat)
  6. allow to dry for 2 more hours. project will take about 8 hours total before your chairs are ready to sit on!

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