DIY UGG boots

I've teamed up with Ugg Australia to do a custom shoe DIY on their classic short boots. I kept it simple and fun with neon soles and raw beaded detail. I wanted a project that was easy but permanent because shoes get a lot of wear and tear. The rubber soles are easy to paint with acrylic paint and I used synthetic sinew (the same stuff I used on the DIY Dream Catchers) to securely sew on some rustic beads along the seam of the boots. The result is colorful and functional so you can wear these boots doing whatever you like to do in comfy shoes!

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Prep It:
  • UGG Boots - try it on classic or knit styles
  • masking tape
  • beads - in color of your choice - I used rough cut turquoise and citrine
  • embroidery needles
  • artificial sinew or waxed thread (from crafts store)
  • white acrylic paint
  • neon acrylic paint - in color of your choice
  • straight paint brush (made of synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers)
  1. use the masking tape to tape off the bottom of the Ugg so just the rubber bottom is exposed
  2. paint one coat of white on the sole (small strokes going from the tape downward) and let dry
  3. paint the neon color over the white painted sole - I chose to mix neon yellow and green to make a lighter green but you could use any color you like!
  4. let dry, then paint one more coat
  5. wait for it to dry before you remove the masking tape
  6. cut a piece of artificial sinew and split the end in half and pull it apart creating a thinner thread - you could use regular thread if you want but I liked the look of the darker sinew
  7. thread the thinner piece of artificial sinew through a small embroidery needle and double the thread (tying a knot to connect both ends) to create a strong double strand
  8. following the stitching on the back of the Ugg (or wherever you want the beads) sew your beads in place. you can pierce the leather or just sew along the existing thread stitches
  9. continue down the seam, adding beads as you go and sew a triple stitch or tie a knot when you reach the end
  10. optional: other design options seen below: sew across the front seam and/or add extra embellishment with ribbon or scrap fabric and more beads

Other DIY design option...

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