DIY Geometric Air Plant Cages

Time for our daily Swedish lesson! These geometric cages are commonly called Himmeli, which comes from the Swedish word himmel, which means sky or the heavens (we have an in-office Swede in Sofia, our DIY, graphic designing, photographer fairy who translated). What a fitting name! They're light and airy, and once DIY-ed and decorated with air plants, crystals, or other ethereal accents, look absolutely divine.

I was so excited to try my hand at sculpting some of these angular angels ... and they came out amazing! This DIY isn't difficult, but it's definitely methodical, so make sure to watch the video above and check out the instructions and diagram below! MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (24 of 63)MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (7 of 63)


Thin gold tube, Ruler, Sharpie, Fishing wire, Thin nose pliers, Wire cutter


1. Cut 9 pieces of tubing, 3 long and 6 shorter. They don’t all have to be the same lengths, though! Play with proportions to get different shapes and angles.

2. String the wire through 2 of the longest pieces and a shorter piece, then tie, forming a triangle.

3. Add a second shorter piece, and the last of the long ones. It should be shaped like a V at this point. Tie together at the bottom.

4. Add two of the shorter pieces to the top, hinging from the mouth of the v and facing the opposite direction of the long pieces. Tie together. Your cage should now be taking more substantial shape.

5. Use the excess wire from the previous step to add the two final pieces — one piece to complete the tip of the cage, and one piece to connect the two sides.

6. Make sure everything is tied tightly, then add a long wire to the top to hang the cage from. Fill with an air plant, crystal, or other decorative piece, and hang!

MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (63 of 63) AirplantCages_Drawing MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (29 of 63)

MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (41 of 63)MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (18 of 63)MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (58 of 63)MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (59 of 63)MrKate_2016_Q1_Small_DIY_AirplantCage (39 of 63)

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