DIY Peekaboo Sweatshirt from A Hot Glue Gun Mess


So, we've reached the end of another year and I like to think of New Year's Eve as a platform to jump off of into the new and exciting year ahead. Out with the old, and in with the new, or, in this case, re-vamp the old so it feels like new! I wanted to end this year by sharing with you an exclusive DIY from (one of my biggest moments from this past year) my book, A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects!

Upcycling fits perfectly with the turn of the new year. We all have old sweatshirts that we might have loved, but just don't wear anymore. But, instead of throwing them out, let's take this sizzling New Year creative energy and transform them into beautiful, decorative cut-out-adorned pieces. Once you're done with this DIY, you'll hardly recognize that old sweatshirt from the back of your drawer. It's a transformation! A metamorphosis! A metaphor! But it's also just a super-cute new shirt to wear in the upcoming year. Have fun!

day4_coldshoulder_040814_mrk_day4_0005 copyPrep It:

Sweatshirt Scissors Decorative and/ or beaded trim/ appliqué Hot glue gun and fabric hot glue sticks

day4_coldshoulder_040814_mrk_day4_0028 copyday4_coldshoulder_040814_mrk_day4_0033 copyday4_coldshoulder_IMG_2664 copyday4_coldshoulder_IMG_2654 copy 2Do It!:

  1. Lay your sweatshirt flat and cut a scooped piece out of one or both shoulders (I made my sweatshirt asymmetrical, with just one peekaboo shoulder).
  2. Cut the decorative trim into pieces, letting the design dictate your cuts.
  3. Plan the layout of your trim pieces to edge the cut opening on your sweatshirt shoulder. (I layered three different decorative trims, starting with the largest and ending with a beaded appliqué.)
  4. Glue the trim into place. Tip: Fold a little bit of your trim around the cut edge of your shoulder opening and glue it to the underside of the sweatshirt for a more finished look.
  5. If you'd like, use any leftover trim or appliqué to give your pet's collar a makeover! I thought the lace brought out the blue in Roxanne's eyes stunningly. If there's enough material to go around, DIY it up for everybody!

Happy New Year everyone! Get more DIYs for your style, beauty and home in the book!

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