DIY painted canvas chair

The season is changing, wait, it's changed already and maybe you have some outdoorsy furniture that wants to come live inside during the colder months! That's exactly what we did with this folding wood and canvas chair (sometimes called a Director's chair) that usually lives outside at Emma's mom's house but we thought with a little color and pattern it would make a perfect interior chair. The great thing about this DIY is the canvas is removable so you could change out the patterns/colors or keep a plain one for simple days/designs. We hand painted the canvas back with a tribal print, but you can choose any pattern or print and use a stencil if you're not in a free-hand mood.

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Chair BEFORE...

Prep It:
  • fabric paint - in colors of your choice
  • different sized paint brushes
  • folding wooden canvas chair (or directors chair)
  • pencil
  • optional: ruler, stencil, painter's tape

  1. take the canvas cover off the back of the chair - it's easier to paint flat on a table
  2. use a pencil to freehand draw the pattern you want (we used a tribal pattern as inspiration)
  3. use a larger brush to paint the large parts of the pattern, then use the smaller brush to fill in the corners and outline the large areas. tip: if you follow this pattern, use the smaller brush for the arrows
  4. let dry, put the cover back on the chair
  5. work it into your interior design and sit in it!
(image via Wantist)

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