DIY Peace Wreath

This year, I've found myself drawn to a very bohemian aesthetic for my holiday decor. The soft lighting, delicate accents, and natural elements all create such a warm, welcoming vibe that I love surrounding myself with during this time of year. And although I'm not one to take things too literally (I go by Mr. Kate, after all!), I couldn't resist encapsulating this cheery, peaceful spirit in a DIY Peace Sign Wreath.

Much like the Winter Flower Crown that I posted earlier this month, this project is all about working with what you've got! We used plants and flowers local to the balmy LA landscape, but the wreath would look just as good with evergreen or holly or even fabric plants from the craft store, if that's what you like! Watch the stop motion video above, get the instructions below, and check out the project featured on Rue!

PeaceWreath_MrKate_Peace_Layout (1 of 1)Prep It:

Myrtle branches Pine branches Local plants and/or flowers 2 strings of fairy lights Thin wire Thick wire

Do It!:

  1. Take 2 or 3 long branches of Myrtle and form the shape of a circle, wrapping thin pieces of wire around the branches to hold them together. I chose Myrtle because of its pliable nature, but any local plant with bend will do!
  2. Then take 3 long, straight branches and lay them on top of the circle shape — one vertically down the center, and the other two forming and X on top of that one.
  3. Use the wire to connect these pieces to the circular frame, cutting off excess around the edges. For the diagonal pieces, use wire to connect them to the vertical piece in the center, then either snip off the top sections, or use wire to wind them up the vertical piece. You should now have a peace sign shape.
  4. Use pine and other local plants and branches to add bulk to your wreath. Follow the same process as before, attaching the pieces with wire. Don’t be afraid to snip off any unruly leaves or stubborn offshoots. For this wreath, keeping the shape accurate is important!
  5. Wrap your first string of fairy lights around the wreath, making sure the battery pack is on the back of the wreath. The placement of the battery pack is actually where your flowers will end up, so I suggest placing that first, and winding the lights from there! Adding the lights in the middle of the building process will give the final wreath a glowing effect.
  6. When you’re ready to add flower accents to your wreath, I suggest pulling them aside and using the wire to create small corsages, which you can then attach to the wreath. Place them above the battery pack, to conceal the plastic bulkiness. Place the second bouquet where you plan on putting the battery pack for the second string of lights. I added succulents next to my floral bouquets, to give my wreath a very Southern California boho feeling, but feel free to use whatever local beauties grow around your home!
  7. Add the final branches and sprigs to the wreath, filling out its shape and making sure your beautiful peace sign isn’t overpowered by the floral bouquets.
  8. When you’re finished, wrap one last string of lights, starting with the battery pack behind the second floral bouquet.
  9. Use a 3-4 inch piece of thick wire to create a loop or hook at the top to hang the wreath from. Then turn on those fairy lights and watch your new creation glow!!

PeaceWreath_MrKate_Peace_Layout2 (1 of 1)PeaceWreath_MrKate_Peace_close2 (1 of 1)PaeceWreath_MrKate_Peace (1 of 1)PieceWreath_MrKate_Closeup2 (1 of 1) PieceWreath_MrKate3 (1 of 1)PeaceWreath_MrKate (2 of 2)PieceWreath_MrKate (1 of 2)Bonus...

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