DIY Hearts On Your Sleeve Sweatshirt

I think most people's most vivid memories of Valentine's Day are from elementary school. Decorating a brown paper bag with your name, collecting grocery store valentines from the sometimes begrudging kids in your class, saving the *extra special* ones in your pack for your besties and the boy or girl who caught your eye. And the fashion!! I don't know at what age it fell out of style to wear big red hearts on your sleeve (and the rest of your shirt) but here and now I'm bringing it back!

Check out this super fun, simple and playful DIY above, and get all the dirrrrrty details (or not) below! Xoxo MrKate_HeartonSweater (1 of 1)MrKate_Sweater_Before (1 of 1)MrKate_Sweater_After (1 of 1)

Prep It

Sweatshirt Red fabric paintHeart stencil (totes DIY-able!) Small foam roller Tape Scissors Cardboard, newspaper, or other thick, flat sheets

Do It:

  1. Start by drawing a heart on a piece of paper and cutting it out, creating your stencil. You can make the heart as exact as you want (I liked the idea that mind would look like candy hearts) or asymmetrical and slanted ... or a mixture! Up to you.
  2. Tape up the seam in your stencil so no paint seeps through.
  3. Dab out some fabric paint on a flat surface and roll the foam roller through it, covering it evenly. Do a few test rolls to make sure it's the consistency you'd like.
  4. Stuff newspaper, cardboard, or other thick sheets in the body of the sweatshirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back.
  5. Place your stencil, and start rolling! Create any pattern or design you'd like! I covered the front of one sleeve and the body, to make a play on "wearing your heart on your sleeve."
  6. Let it dry for a couple hours (or overnight) and voila! Wear out on the town, or on the comfort of your sofa, and enjoy!
MrKate_HeartonSweater_Walk (1 of 1)MrKate_HeartonSweater_SideBySide (1 of 1)MrKate_HeartonSweater_SideBySide2 (1 of 1)MrKate_HeartonSweater_SideBySide3 (1 of 1)MrKate_HeartOn_JoeyGivingFlowers

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